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Our group is continuously in search of innovative ideas. We are keen on implementing new processes and new techniques in the field of construction for better services and a better experience. We build Houses, now what are Houses ?

Our thought process on this is Houses are the places where new life comes into existence, where new relations builds, where new things are learned, and where an life comes to an end. They are not just houses; they are part of our lives. So, as a Horizon Group, we value it. Every member of our team knows the importance of House in everybody’s life.

Our one project will never be the same as the previous one; we are always improving and providing good quality. Ki Zen always works for us; we believe the goal is important, but more important is the process or a path for getting there. We have introduced double-walled concepts in our building, which will provide better protection from the weather. This will keep the temperature cool within the premises, which will conserve energy as well.

From last 5 years, we have stalled projects of redevelopment; we have already completed projects in which tenants and flat owners lost hope. For us, satisfaction is more important. We are serving 2687 families as of now and counting. These happy families thinks houses means Horizon Group. Our group’s goal is to BECOME THE DEFINITION OF HOUSE.

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Everyone of us is responsible for our commitments, actions and the final results.


We create and build trust through our actions, honesty and timely delivery.


We value our customer with dignity and treat them with immense professionalism.


We believe in collaboration and hard work which takes us to success.


    Managing Director

    A first-generation entrepreneur, he founded the Horizon group of companies in 1995. His vision was to create defining infrastructure in real estate, provide housing to each individual, and create employment opportunities in the construction business. Under his leadership, the group has grown significantly over the years. Previously, he started working with Panama blade company, he has some kind of business kida in him from the beginning years of his career, as he started part-time businesses like selling loose tea, then roadside firecrackers, then moved into distribution and worked as a channel partner for various brands like Colgate, Parle, L'Oréal, etc. and now the rest is history.



    Kshitij is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, his stewardship of the company spans over one and a half decades. A management student before joining dad’s business in 2009, he has shown his metal in various corporate sectors like Parle, Airtel, and Tata Docomo. On his watch, Horizon Group has grown into one of the respected brands in the cities like Thane and Pune. Kshitij has infused within the organisation a culture of excellence, innovation, technology, and sustainable practices. His vision is to take the group to the next level and make it the most reliable and preferred name in the real estate world.